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Struggle Continues

From whatever beginning, a woman’s place is in the background, second place or treated as a trifle. No matter what contribution they make, it is perceived as only a job performed. worship flags Civilisation has corrupted mankind as Charles de Secondat also known as Baron de Montesqieu would think, it has in a way advanced societies where women have moved forward. Yet the struggle continues. Women are striving for a 35% right and it leaves one wondering what about a 50/50 thing. For sure there would be no women without men and vice versa.

In Africa, more women are still locked in the fight for equality. Africa, a place where folklore swayed, it continued to reflect in the western transition it is still going through. An African country like several others as created on the continent by the colonialist was a conglomorate of people of diverse characteristics with a common factor -woman’s place in the second place. It reflected in the folklore -a tradition in communities and it reflected in real life. This story is a common folklore in how far women have gone inspite of westernisation in one of the African countries like this one:

‘The women’s wing of the ruling party had gathered in a rally. One issue that continued to be a major item on the agenda of the affairs of women was equity, which was the purpose of the gathering. They wanted equitable representation of both genders in politics and governance.

Buses and trucks brought many people mostly women from the interior with merchandise consisting mostly of snacks, drinks of all types and steaming variety of food. Parked in the streets were a heaving, expectant, and pushing human mass. Every space overlooking the town square was crammed with people. With the mammoth crowd, the podium stood like an oil platform on the sea.

The excited mammoth crowd, which was made up of mostly women of all shades; the married; young girls; spinsters and widows, young and old, were all beautifully dressed in expensive fabrics specially designed for the occasion. They were all in a high spirit buoyed by the fact that the wife of the president. Officially addressed as First Lady, she was coming as the special guest of honour. The venue was jam packed and almost suffocating. The highly tensed atmosphere was a revelation of the worth of women. Yet beyond the threshold, the woman had fallen short of recognition in every way, which the system never made it any better. The gathering was clear indication that they are not relenting.

Several women dance groups were performing simultaneously at different points and rendered the atmosphere into a disharmony of rumbling sounds and beats of musical instruments as every dance group tried to outclass the other. Some dance groups had male instrumentalists who met their match in the female instrumentalists.

A big chauffeur driven car carrying the First Lady zoomed into the venue in a long motorcade and a wave of hysteria swept through the crowd like electricity. Crowds of people scampered this way or that way with excitement as dancers danced with greater energy trying to show off who the best performer was. The instrumentalists with their instruments followed the dancers who had surged forward toward the approaching motorcade. Security officers brandishing clubs barricaded the excited dancers who nonetheless continued their rigorous dance in front of the officers.

The treatment accorded the First Lady and her entourage, no doubt showed how far the woman has gone up the ranks. A potbelly security man in his late forties, whose smart moves outclassed his looks, got out of the front seat of the First Lady’s car and before it came to a full stop, he was already by the side of the First Lady’s door. He opened the door and bowed. Several other security men whose attire -dark suits and dark glasses, made them all look alike, kept the hysterical crowd at bay.

The crowd cheered at the gorgeous and voluptuous woman as she stepped out from the back seat. The mood and magnitude of the crowd’s disposition was not so different from what it would have been if it were a man. Several other women serving in the government, executive officers and friends accompanied her. As she led her entourage to the rostrum, security men kept watch on every side shoving off and pushing back women who came overly close. She wore brilliant white damask dress and was heavily bejewelled. Round her neck, in her pierced ears, on her wrists and fingers were gold ornaments that glimmered. Just like her, all the women in her entourage were so elaborately done that they completely overcastted the high lightings, colourful balloons, ribbons, banners and many other decors which graced the venue The wife of the governor also officially addressed as First Lady of the State was the host and started the day. Several other prominent women spoke on the occasion admonishing woman as a being before the guest of honour who was to speak last. The applause and shouts of the women died and the atmosphere became quiet and tensed like an archer’s bow as the MC who was actually a woman introduced the guest of honour. There were very few people, if there was any that could damn make her out as Madam of Ceremony instead. It must have been funny and unthought-of why any woman no matter how well versed in any affair was Master of Ceremony. Women like Mrs. Rose Man, despite the fact that they could sing their own praises; having acquired what is a masters degree from the university, had never been addressed as master. A thought of madams’ degree was non-existent.

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